Updates & Releases
Apr 2021
Feb 2021
Jan 2021
Apr 2021
Add a Size Chart to Product Pages
If you sell items that require customers to know their size before they make a purchase, you can add a custom size chart to your product page. You can enable the size chart option from Settings –> General –> Product Settings. You can create multiple size charts and apply them to your choice of products and categories.
Allow the Customer to Add Billing Address during Checkout
You can enable the option to capture a separate delivery and billing address from Setting –> General –> Online Store Settings. Both these addresses will be reflected during checkout, billing, order details page, and emails sent to customers.
Allow Video Upload for Products
You can now upload videos to your products from your mobile gallery or by adding Youtube links. These videos will be seen by your customers on the product details page. Please note that the functionality of uploading video is present only on the mobile. However, the video will be displayed on both the web and mobile site.

– Addition of UPI Payment Option in Billing & Add/Edit Orders.

– Introduced new headers with add-to-cart and search functionalities.

Feb 2021
Enhanced Settings for Item Listing and Item Detail Pages
How the list item information is displayed can be almost as important as having it in the first place. So, to make things easy, we have introduced the settings to redesign your item listing and item details page from your mobile too.
Edit Payment Amount in Purchase Invoice
Want to change or remove the invoice amount? You can now do so from both the web and mobile. Additionally, we have introduced 2 more payment modes – Credit/Debit Card and UPI.
Jan 2021
Revamped Delivery Boy App
We have improved the overall user interface of the delivery boy app that will help in rendering a better service of multiple pickups and deliveries in one go. You can now enjoy finer control with real-time updates to you at every step of the delivery. You can also choose to verify order delivery by signature or OTP.
Upload standalone prescription without placing an order
If you sell medicines, here is another way to buy medicines from you. Your customers can simply upload their prescription and you can then add the medicines from your end and bill the order.
Showcase categories in a visually appealing format on the homepage
In case you want to showcase your category listing as the default homepage, you can do so now. Your visitors will see the product categories upfront. It makes it simple and easy for them to find the products they need in the right category. In case if you have an item listing on your homepage, you can also take to a visual approach by choosing to display top-level categories on the top of this page.
New layout for subcategories
There is also a new setting on the vendor panel to showcase your subcategories in grid or tabbed format on the category listing page on mobile.
Dec 2020
Create / Edit Purchase Orders from Mobile
Add items and create purchase orders on-the-go and manage profits efficiently. Additionally, you may edit item details, save it as a draft or review the PO before immediately sending it over SMS or email to notify your supplier.
Bulk Upload Service List on the Website through Mobile
In case you are wondering that it will be time-consuming to upload services one-by-one, it is not. You can now upload services on your website in bulk with an excel file and easily sort them in the desired order.
Send Payment Link through Mobile to Collect Pending Amount from Customers
Payment links are the simplest way to accept payments. You can now generate links on mobile and send them on SMS and email to collect pending amount instantly from your customer.
Receive Orders, Enquiry Information through App and Browser Notifications
To make sure you are well-informed, we have introduced app and browser notifications, along with SMS and email for each order and inquiry that you receive.
Add Reorder Information through Mobile
You can improve your order management by replenishing your stock by setting the reorder level and reorder quantity from your phone. Associate your products to brand, manufacturer, and supplier. Either you manually set the quantity or the auto maintain option will prefill the reorder quantity for that product.
Re-designed Banner Section and Complete UI Revamp to Add and Manage Staff Members with Permission Support interface even more reactive.
Oct 2020
Bulk Product Upload in mobile
We understand how extremely useful the bulk upload feature is to you for initially setting up your catalog. Why just then limit it to the web? Here we introduce you to this option in mobile as well, thus allowing you to add your products on the go and saving your time.
Sep 2020
Introduced Discount Section in Mobile
You can now manage discounts on the go through your mobile. The interface in mobile is exactly similar to that of the web to give you a comfortable control. Additionally, you can even set up discounts specifically for your new customers.
In-Store Pickup Enhancement
Now, you can enable/disable cash payments for pick up orders. This option will apply in the shopping cart if 'Pickup From Store' has been selected as a delivery method! Not just that, you can also set up minimum cart spend for each pickup.
Show Percentage Discounts, Item Price and Invoice Price with Rounding
You can now round up/down the item price and discount percentage (without affecting the discount amount calculation) as per your wish.
Add and Manage Attachments for Products through Mobile
You can upload files as attachments, set its display name while adding or updating product details through mobile app.
Re-designed Sections
Some of the pages have been completely re-designed and organized in sections in order to optimize the space and improve usability like the account homepage and settings page. The rest of the pages keep the same structure, but with a new look and feel.
Jul 2020
Buy Online, Pick-up in Store (BOPIS)
As the name suggests, your customers can now order on your app or website like they are used to with the added flexibility of going and picking it up themselves. This will offer more flexibility to your customers and is a great way to drive in-store foot traffic and connect their offline and online experiences. All the benefits that your customers are entitled to while ordering online - be it coupon or store offers - can all be availed through this feature too! You can enable the pickup option from Settings -> General -> Store Pick Up.
Go Flexible with Payment Gateway Solutions
We have integrated alternate payment gateways like PayU, Razorpay, and PayUbiz with your website. No additional charges for integration. All you have to do is create a merchant account with the payment gateway of your choice. Once you have registered, configure your payment gateway by going to Settings -> Payments -> Online Payments, select your desired payment gateway from the drop-down and input the required details.
Design Invoice like a Professional
We have brought in a new look and feel to the A4 / A5 invoice designing. Choose your paper size, create your custom margins, enter rows and enjoy creating customized templates with a more usable interface.
May 2020
As the world turned upside down in the view of covid-19 pandemic, we realized that our support to you is even more important than before. So we pushed ourselves day and night to get loads of new features ready, especially for our customers in grocery, pharmacy and online classes category.
Revamped Pages Section with Permission Support
We finally bring the most awaited feature to page section – Permission. You can now use permission to make a page private by making it accessible only by a password or you can make it accessible only to a few sets of your logged-in users. You can use this feature to create private pages accessible to an identified set of users only. E.g. your online classes’ videos can be seen only by those users whom you have permitted to that page where the video is hosted.In addition to this, we have also revamped the user interface for managing pages. It is much easier to add, update and delete pages. If you are managing loads of pages, we even now have search functionality to quickly find your page. Learn more....
Lite App (Progressive Web App)
As the world is increasingly moving towards mobile, we are always looking for avenues to help our customers to make the most of mobile platforms. Hence, we have now enabled a provision to enable your mobile website to show a notification to install a lite version of your website on their device (or as it is called progressive web app). Once installed, your customer will see an app installed on their phone device on which they can click and open your portal directly without the need to go to the mobile browser i.e. it will act like a native app.This functionality has been provided for all our users. Please read on more to see how it works and how to enable it.
Revamped Domain Section
A website domain is one of the most primary identifiers of your website, yet it was an ignored section by us. So, we have bought the domain section upfront in the website builder to make it easily accessible for our users. We have revamped the domain section completely to allow you to manage your domain better. One can now easily add an existing domain, book a new one or renew your domain as well.
Revamped Product Section (Mobile)
We have adopted a new visual design language for the system, thus making it highly intuitive and easier to understand. We have revamped the product section with the new design language which makes it look more clean and intuitive than before. The new interface for adding and updating products will make you fall in love with the so-called tedious activity (we promise!). Learn more....
Revamped Add-ons (Widgets) Section
Just to make things clear first – We have renamed Widgets section to Add-ons. The reason behind this is that we have to make a long-term plan to allow Add-ons section to not only host the current widgets but also start incorporating paid and free third-party add-on as well into the same.This will enable us to build a wholesome eco-system around the Omni website platform. In the coming months, you will see a lot more options in the Add-ons section which will broaden the scope of functionality of the system. Learn more....
Upload Prescription during Checkout
Now one of the most requested features by our pharmacy customers is live with this release. Your customers can upload prescriptions during checkout while placing their orders online. The prescription facility is highly configurable as per your needs and the uploaded prescription will be seen in your order section as well. Learn more....
Zoom Functionality for Gallery Images
We have enabled zoom functionality for high-resolution gallery images for our customers in photography and painting artwork category. For those who want to showcase their piece of creativity in full quality. Learn more....
Previously Ordered and Recently Browsed Sections
We have introduced two new types of sections i.e. previously ordered products and recently browsed products which allow an e-commerce website owner to introduce more personal customization in their website and help them to improve their revenues.As the name suggests, the previously ordered section will show a list of products to your customer which they had previously ordered. This is incredibly useful to our customers in the grocer category.The previously browsed section allows you to showcase the product of interest to the customer which he had previously checked out. This allows your customer to recall the same and improve the chances of the customer to purchase the product. Learn more....
Revamped Help Center
And finally, we have revamped our help center to make it more useful, intuitive and relevant. We have also been revamping our content, layout, and FAQs to allow you to quickly find a solution from the help center.
As usual, there are loads of under the hood tweaks such as adding 8 more fonts in website builder, increased price range support from 9 digits to 10 digit, enhancement in sending payment link for unpaid or partially paid orders, previewing PDF files, bug fixing and performance improvement. All in all – A big improvement.
Jan 2020
We had been preparing hard all this while to improve your customer's online shopping experience with a flawless registration and checkout flow in mobile. We have prioritized changes in mobile because, in India, 80% traffic originates from mobile. We believe any small design improvement in your site will improve customer experience and thereby have a direct impact on your sales. And so, we have done a major visual upgrade for your Product Listing Pages, the way your products are searched, Shopping Cart and Checkout page Segments, Login/Sign Up Pages, Customer Facing Menu and Sticky Footer. Visual presentation of Reviews and Ratings, Wish list, Tool tips, Alerts, Warnings and Error Messages has been enhanced. Your customers will now surely find the mobile interface more intuitive and straightforward.
Sep 2019
Super Charged Website Editor
We have made under the hood improvements to website editor to make it go real fast. Now make changes quickly and easily so that you get time to focus on your business.
Add / Update Items and Prices During Order Confirmation
Now get more flexibility to add and update items, quantity and prices while confirming an online order. This will help you to swap items in the online order in case of non-availability while still ensuring that your keep the customer delighted always.
May 2019
Support ZPL / EPL Barcode Label Printers
As we continue on the part of building a platform which is hardware independent, we are very proud to introduce a full-fledged drag and drop label designer option for ZPL / EPL compatible barcode label printers. This widens the compatibility of barcode label printer with the platform.
Revamped Product Pages, My Account, My Orders and Checkout
We have tweaked the visual design and user flows as per the best practices which will help you sell more to your customers. The checkout flow on web is now a one-page flow to reduce drop-outs and improve conversion rates. In addition to this, we have also introduced an option for your customers to choose online payments even for COD orders. A payment link will be sent on the order confirmation SMS and Email. This option will also be available in order history section.
Receive WhatsApp Alerts for Online Orders
Now you can receive WhatsApp alerts for online orders. Please note that each alert will cost 30 paise and will be deducted from your SMS / Email Credit. This facility can be turned off by going to notification section in settings.
Revamped Mobile Site Editor
We have revamped the mobile site editor to give you more space to customize your mobile site, thus giving you a better sense of the mobile site design. We have also made few things easier such as adding a new section. Give it a spin and let us know your feedback.
Embed YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo Video on Website
Video is the new king of content consumption - So why not showcase some on your website. Upload multiple videos from different video sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo. Showcase your brand story, product details or service information.
Upload Open Graph Image
You can now set your brand logo image as an open graph image, which will be seen in the previews of the web pages (as the thumbnail) shared over Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. This feature is useful in showcasing your brand logo when your website links are shared over social platform.
SEO Options (H1, H2, etc) for Text Elements
Now set H1, H2, etc. HTML tags for your text element easily. Just select the text you want to set the HTML element, then select SEO to see a list of dropdown of the HTML elements - It’s that easy.
Unpublish Website Option
You can now set your brand logo image as an open graph image, which will be seen in the previews of the web pages (as the thumbnail) shared over Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. This feature is useful in showcasing your brand logo when your website links are shared over social platform.
Update your KYC/ Bank Details
We have now facilitated a quick option to fill in KYC/Bank details upfront on the Payments page. This has been mandated by RBI as part of ensuring KYC for any entity dealing in online payments.
Improved Usability, Performance & Bug Fixes
As usual, you may notice minor UI changes, improved performance and loads of bugs fixed in order to make the platform highly reliable for your business needs and improve the overall experience in using the platform.
January 2019
Configure Your Booking Setup on-the-go!
Manage all your online bookings settings in the palm of your hand. Configure your online booking hours, create new time slots and define appointment time interval according to your business hours from your smartphones no matter where you are. All of your booking settings stay in sync between your phone and your online schedules, so you'll never let your client fall through the cracks, miss a beat, or lose a booking.
Get Your Site’s Images Instantly on Google
Get all your product/category images, gallery images and logo of your website instantly indexed on Google and found online with our SEO functionality. How? Just a few minutes of your time and a bit of typing! A brief piece of information that describes images online is must, if you want to give your images a shot at appearing in Google Images. This also helps to drive more traffic to your site.
Social Selling
Pick up any product information you want to sell to buyers and share it across various mediums anytime, anywhere from your smartphones. All you have to do is just log in to your Omni Websites account, go to view products and share any product details in a single tap. Be the first one to reach out to the buyers!
Support for WebP Image Format
A picture is worth a thousand words. But, the more images you add on your website, the greater the chances of a laggy performance. Making your website load as fast as possible is incredibly important. Hence, now Omni Websites enables you to upload images in WebP format on your website which is a lightweight image format from Google. It consistently provides smaller file sizes which results in faster page loading time and optimized performance.
Introducing Marketing Menu
We always give our best to provide you with helpful updates. This time we have introduced a Marketing Menu for smooth functioning of your business. Campaigns and Discounts sections are now moved under marketing menu. Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing 3 more important features such as Loyalty, Referral and Membership to expand your customer base. So stay tuned!
December 2018
Configure Delivery Charges Based on Product Weight or Quantity
The new update will now allow you to configure delivery charges of the order according to the weight or quantity of the products. One can either set a flat rate per kg or set differential pricing for various ranges of weight. Similarly, one can also set a flat rate of delivery charge for single unit or across various ranges of item.
Integration of PayPal Payment Gateway

We believe in providing an open system to allow third party software to work seamlessly with us. More the choices, better for the ecosystem. We are now extending this belief for payment gateways as well. We now allow for any merchant to get their website integrated directly with PayPal Payment Gateway.

We will still continue to provide the best Payment Gateway experience with Jd Pay which had the lowest PG charges in the industry and the fastest time to remittance to merchants. Over the coming weeks, we will be allowing popular Payment Gateways to work seamlessly with your website, so that you can choose a payment gateway of your choice.

Special Surprise - Introducing Social Wall

Keeping your customer engaged with your brand is a difficult task. Attention spans have shortened and giving lengthy updates on a blog is turning futile. So we set out on what can be done to help your business be in touch with your loyal customers. We studied the current trend of content consumption and realized that most content is now consumed on social media rather than news websites or company blogs.

So we decided to build a social wall for your website where you can disburse your company’s information and offerings in a format that most people have got accustomed to. They can like, comment and share your content in the same way they do for other social media. You can either think of it as a mini blog or just a brand new way to share information with your customers in a never seen before format. Think of it as Santa’s gift for you!

Add Your Own Custom Code in the Website

We are thrilled to announce that you can now add your own code to your site! It will enable you to add small snippets of JavaScript in order to modify the default behavior of your website. In other words, this technology allows you to extend the capability of your website or just capture data for analytics purpose.

Custom code can be added on all pages of your website or on individual pages like product/ service detail page, enquiry form or appointment confirmation page - choice is yours!

Orders Tracking

We have now enabled orders tracking for few

of the popular courier companies in India or by your own delivery boy. When you assign the order for delivery, select the correct courier company and enter the correct tracking number. This information will be available at your customer’s end and in a single click, they can get a detailed progress of their order as the shipment moves through your courier service.

If you are delivering locally with you own delivery boys, make sure that they have downloaded and using the delivery boy app. Your customers will be able to see real time location on a map.

List of Courier Companies Fully Integrated:

Blue Dart Express Limited

The Professional Courier Network Limited


FedEx India

List of Courier Companies Partially Integrated (Customer has to only enter the tracking number manually:

DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited

TNT Express

Gati Limited

Overnite Express Limited

First Flight Courier Limited

DHL Express India Private Limited

Indian Postal Service

Go Javas


September 2018
Add a Hero Image to Enhance your Website
Welcome your customers with an eye-catching header on your website having all the features of a header, and perfectly suiting image to your business, all in one block!
Upload Multiple Images At Once on your Website
Be it your Gallery or Banner, you can now upload multiple images at once in your account that will not only save your time but also add up to more focus on your business.
Perform More Actions using Omni’s Voice Assistant
Your personal Voice Assistant is always ready to help you in managing your system and customizing your website too. Want to add images in your Gallery or Customize Mobile Menu or Add WhatsApp in your website? Just speak it out and the assistant will do it for you.
Mark your Current Location on the Site’s Map
You don’t need to take the trouble of typing the complete store address for accurate results. You can now select your Current Location through which the Maps on your site will automatically be updated.
Experience the All New User Interface of your Website
Keeping your convenience first, we have redesigned the editing options of the blocks in such a way that it will ease your navigation while making changes on your website.
August 2018
Customize your Website Header
Explain your brand with a customized header, and it's fun and easy to do it! Change any part in the website header, be it the color, text, links or images.
Add Animated Effects to Almost Any Element
Now customize and add animated effects to the texts, buttons and images of your site which will make it visually appealing for your customers while surfing on your website.
Undo Deletion of Images, Text, Buttons and Sections
It is immensely reassuring to know that you can always undo something if you get it wrong. So now edit your website comfortably and click on the Undo option, in case you accidently delete something.
Configure Up to 3 Level of Menu Items
Now you can create up to 3 level of menu items to help your customers surf smoothly on your web and mobile site.
Now Customise your Call-to-Action buttons on your Website
Style Add to Cart, Buy Now & Send Enquiry buttons with various color combinations that suits your website's design.
Addition of Wishlist & Ratings on Website
This time we've added Wishlist on your website too making it easier for your customers to save their interests all at one place for future purchases. Also, they can rate & review the products they’ve used to get their feedback.
Configure Currency Rounding Rules
Now you can refine your currency rounding rules with plethora of options. Either enable or disable rounding, round up or down or normal and round it at decimal levels.
It just doesn't end here! We have a few more features released such as improvised experience in uploading images from your mobile, revamped order history pages for your customers, general interface enhancement & so on, delivering the best experience for your business.
May 2018
Experience the all new way to design your Website
Introducing the easiest, fastest and the most convenient way to customize your website and make it look fabulous. Just log in to your website and start making changes to it - No need to go to admin control panel anymore. With the new interface - You can change the look of your website in less than 10 minutes.
Meet your new Voice Assistant
Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Voice Assistant, always ready to help! Want to change the product price or the business address in the website - The Voice assistant can do it for you. Just click on the Mic Icon and speak out.
March 2018
Super Fast Mobile Site
Now your mobile site will open faster than before as we had a lot of under the hood optimization for reducing page size and quicker response time resulting in native app like experience.
Introducing Wishlist and Ratings
This time we’re adding a new feature for your customers so that they can add and save products in the Wishlist to purchase them later. They can also Review and Rate the products which they’ve used making it simpler for you and other customers to know their point of view regarding your products.
Presenting All New Enhanced Delivery Settings
The new update is bringing some amazing changes which will help you to configure complex delivery settings in the most intuitive way ever. You can now configure different delivery charges for different products for different delivery locations. And we aren’t done yet. We will be releasing additional features for Delivery Settings over the coming weeks to give you the most advanced delivery management system ever.
Cloud Storage for your Website
You can now upload various files on your website which will help the customers to download them and get the information provided by you. The files which you upload online will now be saved on a dedicated Cloud Storage for your account.
Personalise the Mobile Menu
Want your customers to navigate smoothly on your online store without any confusion? You can now edit and manage the mobile menu which is used by your customers to make it easier for them to surf while they are on your online store.
Add Synonyms for Product Names
Now you can add synonym terms which can be used by the customers to search a particular product known through different names. For e.g. you can now add ‘Cottage Cheese’ as a synonym keyword for ‘Amul Malai Paneer’.
Upload Attachments for Products & Services
You can now upload detailed product brochures or specifications in PDF, Word, Excel or a variety of other formats and make it available on the respective product or service details page.
Embed Videos for Products / Services
Now you can embed Videos for particular products or services in their details page making it simpler for the customers to understand the product / service in a more precise way.
Search Your products through Barcode
You can now search products in your account by entering the Barcode number or by scanning the Barcode too.
January 2018
WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Widget for Your Website
Using these applications for connecting with your friends and family is routine. But the good news is that you can now use WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger to interact with your customers simultaneously through your website & mobile application too.
Showcase Your Products in Multiple Categories
Finding any product through just one category isn’t a little challenging for your customers? Adding multiple categories for your products just makes it easier for your customer to search products on your site.
Introducing 8 Additional Widgets for Your Website
We truly understand how important it is to interact with your customers. Having said that, we’ve now added a number of widgets like Facebook Pixel, WebEngage, Intercom and many more to increase your correspondence. You can also add Widgets through your mobile application.
Personalise Your Mobile Footer
Now you can customize your mobile footer the way you want. Add or remove any option in the Footer or just completely hide it - The choice is all yours.
New Field Types and Validation in Enquiry Form Builder
Now you can add new field types like Multiple Choice, Paragraph, etc in Enquiry Form Builder along with validations such as Mandatory or Conditional fields. This can help you capture customer’s need more accurately with enriched information.
Unique Scroll Effects for Your Website
Get those ‘Wow’ reactions from your customer by using the right scrolling effects brought by our team for your website. These effects make the whole site come to life on your computer screen.
Upload Multiple Images to Your Image Library
Images are an easy way to improve the user experience of your website. Now, you can upload multiple images to your image library at once and use them as and when required on your website.
Showcase Your Virtual Contact Card on Your Website
Here is a great way for your visitors to get in touch with you or your company quickly and efficiently. You can now add notification section on your website which will help you display your contact number along with your email address.
Add Fixed Pricing Details for the Products/Services You Offer
Now add the fixed amount for the products/services you offer and display it on your website so that your customer can directly pay you on the click of a button from your website itself.
December 2017
Create & Offer Coupons Codes to Increase Your Customer Base
Here is a great way to convert your visitors to shoppers. We are now equipped with Coupon Code feature which act as a marketing tool for your Business. So create and give out coupons to your customers and offer some great discounts.
Add Stunning Background Image for Your Websites
Spice up your site by adding amazing background images and give a new and appealing look for your website.Background image help you to create an impressive and memorable shopping experience for your site visitors.
Highlight & Personalise the Best Selling Products and Categories on Your Website
Now draw attention of your website visitors towards the best selling products, new arrivals, categories on your website by adding some beautiful styling features to your block such as borders with different widths, border colours and much more.
Get Your Own Professional Logo Created in Minutes
Need a professional logo for your business? Now, create an appealing logo for your brand and leave a good impression on your potential customers.
The Right Colour Palette for Your Website Buttons
Style your website buttons and choose what your button looks like for the regular, hover and clicked view by choosing the right text and button colour.
Grow Your Business with Easy Online Scheduling
Online Bookings now makes it easy for your customers to schedule appointments and classes right on your website.
Offer Great Discounts by Selling Bulk Products Online
Along with selling individual product online, now you can also choose to display bulk products on your website and offer some great discounts on them.
November 2017
Sell Online or Receive Enquiry - Your Choice
Now you can configure to sell your products online or receive enquiry or do both. A highly configurable system to meet your needs.
Receive Files through Your Website
If you are a placement service wanting to receive resumes from candidates or want to receive a CAD / CAM Designs to build the product - You can now allow your customers to upload files on your website.
Manage Categories on Your Mobile Device
Add, update or delete product categories anytime, anywhere because it's now available on your mobile device.
Get Online Payments Report
Get access to a detailed report of all online payments in excel format.
October 2017
Showcase Amenities and Services
Gain the best customer experience by displaying the services you offer and amenities you provide on your website.
Optimize Website Images for Search Engines

Optimize your website images by adding text to those images to get found on Google and to provide your website visitors and search engines with valuable information about your site’s images.

What’s more? All of this can be done from your mobile phones too.

All Your Images at One Place
Create your own image library wherein all of your images uploaded for your website will be stored at one place. You can reuse these at any-time.
Improve Your Rankings on Google Search Results
Get your product category pages of your website instantly indexed on Google and found online with our SEO functionality. This also helps to drive more traffic to your site.
Define Your Own Filters
Help your customers find what they're looking for by adding filter options to your products on your website.
Create & Send Payment Link
Offer your customers the simplest way to pay for your services, and get paid faster! All you have to do is create a payment link and share it via SMS and Email to your customer.
Now Save A Copy of Your Theme
Now you can save your theme as a copy which you can use at any-time without the fear of losing all your past changes done to that theme.
Manage Menu-links on Your Mobile
Now add dropdown menus to your website from anytime anywhere with few taps of your figure and improve our website navigation.
September 2017
Introducing Service Module
If you are a service provider then here is a great update for you! We are now equipped with the Service Module on web as well as on our app. All of your services details will be displayed on your website which will help you boost your sales.
Customize Your Own Website
Choose a stunning grid or list layout to display multiple products on your website. Plus, you can choose to display either Add to Cart or Send Enquiry button or both for your products online.
Manage Menu Links for Your Website
Now create and add dropdown menu links on your website and improve a website’s usability by reducing the numbers of clicks from the main navigation menu.
Furnish Your Outward & Inward Supply Details with GSTR-3 Form
File your monthly return with the summarized details of sales, during the month along with the amount of GST liability which is to be filed for July & August 2017.
Manage Online Payments
Find which of your customer’s payment is transferred and which are pending. Also manage all your online payments right from your phone anytime anywhere using our app!
Find Products by Scanning Barcode from Your Mobile
Searching product on website is now an easy task. Now your customer can search for a particular product on your website by just scanning the barcode of the product using our app.
August 2017
File Your Sales Tax - GSTR 1
GSTR-1 report is now available in the reports module to simplify your return filing process. All you have to do is download it, upload the same on GST portal & file the returns.
Add Missing HSN/SAC Details
Yet to add the HSN/SAC details for your products? Swiftly add these details from quick setup module and update your product list in no time.
Accept International Card Payments
We allow international card payments in order to improve the payment experience and optimize the support retention of online buyers.
Make Your Website More Presentable
Design the look and layout of your online product detail page the way you want. Showcase the type of button you want to display on your website. Be it Add to Cart or Buy Now button. Choice is yours.
July 2017
GST Support
Products and Services are now tagged to HSN/SAC codes. You can choose to add it to individual product/service or bulk updates the same at once.
Showcase Business Details and Social Links on Your Website
You can now link your business contact number and social links on your website from your app in few clicks.
Add New Customer
Along with the feature of viewing your entire customer and managing their pending payments, you can now add a new customer from your app too.
Manage SMS/Email from Your Mobile Device
Our app is now equipped with SMS and Email module. Be it booking your SMS sender name or adding an account balance for sending SMS or Email, you can manage everything and keep track of each SMS/Email sent to your customers on the go.
June 2017
Improve Your Websites Visibility
Get Your Site on Google with our newly introduced SEO(Search Engine Optimization) functionality. And it just doesn’t end here; you can also improve your visibility of a website with SEO from your mobile device too.
Create and Publish Blogs
Add a beautiful blog to your site. Include photos, videos, and tags and schedule your posts so they publish at the best time for your readers and keep them updated about your business.
Get Widgets through Mobile Application
Communication with customers is very important to retain them. You can now apply widgets to your website from your mobile device in few taps.
Faster Way to Deliver the Goods
If you want your customers to purchase from your online store again and again, there is one thing that you can never compromise on – your delivery service. So this time, we've made courier services available for web store and mobile application for better services to your customers.
Introduction to an Improvised Dashboard
The new one is a lot better. The dashboard now displays the detail information about the sales, customers, inventory and so on.
May 2017
Choose the Right Font and Background Colour for Your Website
Grab your audience’s attention by choosing the right font and background color for Your website.
Thousands of Stunning High Quality Images for You
We offer thousands of high-quality images all available for you to use on your website, all for free. What’s more?? You can also choose images from your app.
The Perfect Logo for Your Website
Design your logo by selecting your favorite font and add custom colors to make it more pleasant.
Design Your Website Header Anytime Anywhere!
The first and foremost thing that will stand out about your website is its header. Create a stunning header that attracts your customer from your mobile device.
April 2017
Select Suitable Theme for Your Business Using Mobile Device
Feast your eyes on these beautiful new additions of themes to our Collection – all ready to be made into your very own dream site.
Now Book Your Domain from Your Phone
Now Book/Configure domain and give your store an online identity using your app.
Promote Your Business on the Go
Our app is now equipped with Campaign module. Now inform your customers about offers and new store opening more conveniently.
Introducing New Payment Mode – Ticket Restaurant
You can now choose to accept payments through Ticket Restaurant, throughout our system.
Apply Attractive Banners & Design Blocks to Your Website
Showcase your brand by adding the best banner for your website from your mobile device. Also, you can now customize your design blocks right from your app.
March 2017
Get Product-Wise Sales Report
Want to know how each individual product is doing in your store? Well, the Product-wise Sales report has the answer. Just select the required product which you wish to analyze, and export the detailed sales report for that product.
Update Bank Details from Your Mobile Phone
Need to quickly add/update your bank details to receive online payments? Our app’s got you covered. Add all your bank details right from your phone.
Renew Your Domain
You can now choose to accept payments through Ticket Restaurant, throughout our system.
February 2017
Create Work Order
Need an efficient way to collect orders details for your business? Now, you can now create sub orders for tasks to be performed and link them to the specific orders placed by your customers.
Set Suitable Delivery Time for Your Store
Maximize profits by setting delivery time that suit your business. Choose configure whether your customers should be able to choose a delivery time and date as per their convenience, or else provide them with a default delivery time.
Now Create Different Customer Groups for Better Marketing
Tired of selecting customer individually to send a campaign or provide special offers? Well now you can add a customer to groups and manage them more efficiently.
Design Your Own Invoice
Rise above boring and lifeless invoices which barely get noticed by your customers. Create attractive ones, which make an impression instantly.
January 2017
Choose the Right Theme for Your Business
Introducing a series of new themes ready to apply, giving you the freedom to build an online store that really lets your brand shine through.
Design Favicon for Your Website
Brand your website and increase its prominence in your visitor's bookmark menu by adding suitable favicon to your site.
Create & Design Suitable Logo for Your Business
Create logo in minutes and include text to establish an online presence and grow your business.
Introducing New Reports
With Staff-wise Sales Report, Sales Order Report and Product-Wise Report know which staff made how much sales, get detailed information regarding all orders created including all basic details of product and know the number of customers and orders associated with specific product.
December 2016
Create an Engaging Website Design
Want to add a touch of your own business to your website? You can now add blocks, background images, banners, product ratings and much more on your website to make it more attractive than before.
Introducing Quick Setup Module in Mobile Device
Now update / add product and add user quickly into your store using Quick Setup module right from your phone anytime, anywhere.
Creation of Discounts & Happy Customers
Want to attract more customers? This is the perfect way to do it! Now you can add Discounts on your products/services for increasing sales and retention of customers. This feature is available on your web-store and mobile application too.
Now Accept Payment through Cheque
Not every person carries cash or credit card. Instead, they pay it through Cheque which makes it more convenient for the customers too. Considering this, we've introduced Cheque in the Payment mode.
November 2016
Launch of Mobile Application
Our app is now available on for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. This will help you in know how your business is running anytime, anywhere.
Add Widgets to Your Website
Now update / add product and add user quickly into your store using quick start module right from your phone anytime, anywhere.
Import Product Categories in Your System
Now import product categories and sub categories along with importing other product details and manage your business more efficiently.
Build an Amazing Website
Link images of your website to a particular page or site to redirect your customer to specific section of your website. You can also adjust the font size of the text you've added as per the appearance of your website.
October 2016
Manage Products from Your Mobile Phones
Now you can not only manage your products and its specifications through your website but also from your mobile application. What better than this right?
Display Your Company Name
Want to give your favorite name to your store? Well now you can. No more taking the help of customer care service to change the store name. Now you can change the name of the store which you desired to keep by yourself.
Add / Remove Products from Product Library
Not only you can add products by your own one by one or in bulk, but also you can add them from our Database. You can also delete products if not needed as per your convenience.
Add Inventory in Bulk into your System
Only updating and editing of inventory isn't enough for the business's prosperity in long term. You can now add bulk inventory and batches for successful business in future.
September 2016
Showcase Product and Categories on your Website
We understand that it is important for a seller to attract customers through their products / services. So now you can showcase your products and categories you sell on your website to let your customer know about your business.
Manage Orders from Mobile Application
You can now confirm and bill orders, assign deliveries, track deliveries, collect payments, and all other features on the move.
Commencement of SEO
Want to increase your visibility online? Here's a solution for you to increase the visits on your site and sales together with SEO. The more traffic on the site, the more awareness about your site online!
August 2016
Introduction of Tally Integration
Since accounting the transactions on Tally is a routine now for business and essential too. Handling Tally and business on 2 different parallels is quite a discomforting task. So why not merge them and use them on one single site? Introducing tally in your own system for a wonderful business experience.
Build an Appealing Website
Who doesn't want to customize the appearance of your website? Now you can give the website a touch of your business through Content Management System (CMS) which will attract more customers and generate potential ones in near future.
Define your Own Categories
Want to add products and add them in your own category? Now create one and add the products in your own categories for your prosperity through ease and comfort.
Choose your Own SMS Sender Name
You can now choose your own SMS sender name, which will be used for all SMSs that are sent to your customers.
Multiple Language Support
We now support and work in your regional language. Get more familiar with the system and use it to its maximum potential; all this, in your preferred language.
July 2016
Revamped Inventory, Orders and Customers Module
Just the addition of the modules weren't satisfactory. Making them in abundance and convenient for you to understand the main sections of the modules were of utmost importance. So we've remade all the modules and kept the main sections upfront to operate smoothly.
Innovation in Quick Setup Module
Helping you in making your work easier is a great happiness to us. So now you can change delivery details through this module. Not only this, for promoting the changes and offers, you can also send Campaigns to your customers!
Add More Product Images to Product you Add
We are more than happy to announce that you can now upload up to 20 images per product. How’s that for an upgrade?
New Payment Mode- Payment on Delivery
Introducing a new payment mode whereby your customers can now pay for an order once it is delivered at home.
June 2016
Accept Online Payments
It’s now easier for your customers to shop from your store even if they couldn't pay you through cash without coming again to the store personally just to pay for the order.
Manage Staff Members from Mobile Device
You can now add/ edit and set permissions to the staff member’s right from your mobile phones.
Addition of Delivery Boy on your web-store
You can now manage your home delivery orders in real time. Assign Deliveries and track delivery boys in real time.
New Look of Products module
By changing the complete look of Products module, we've made it accessible for you to manage your products from the main page itself without seeking everywhere.
Modification of Bulk Import feature in Inventory
Inventory module has just revamped with the alteration of Bulk Import feature. It now enables you to export the existing list of inventory which makes it simpler for you add them the next time you order.
May 2016
New Features in Quick Start
You can now upload missing categories & images into your system. Also you can update your bank details, & customer and much more on the go.
Additional Themes for Website and Mobile App
Customizing your own site just got better because we've introduced some cool and amazing themes for your sites. You can also edit the theme as per your store needs.
April 2016
Display your Cost Price & Gross Profit
You can now choose to display the cost price while adding product in your system. Along with this your dashboard is now equipped to display your gross profit.
Solve your Customer’s Enquiry Swiftly
Your online customers can now get in touch with you for bulk orders of any such product that you wish to sell in large quantities. They can easily send in an Enquiry to you from your webstore, all of which can be managed from the all new Enquiry section in your account.
We are Now Available on IOS
Have an iOS? No worries, you can still run your business through Mobile application which is now available on Apple Store.
March 2016
Import and Export your Products in your System
You can now import and export products in your system just like the one in Inventory module. Just got relieved by this news, right?
Keep Track of your SMS Usage
Introducing new section in Settings, which lists your entire history of each SMS sent till date. You can also purchase SMS credits and view history of all purchases made.
Addition of Orders module in Mobile App
Now you don't need to wait to get back to your system to bill the online transactions. It will be done in few minutes anytime anywhere with new introduced Orders module in your Mobile App.
Receive Reminders and Notifications
Your customers will now get reminders for their Payment Pending which will make your work easier. Also, you will get a notification in your system for Pending Home delivery so that you don't miss out on anything.
Expired and Near Expiry Information in Inventory Module
You can now keep track of expired products and update the products in your inventory that are nearing the expiry date.
February 2016
Retail your Out of Stock Products
You can now sell out of stock products online and later link them to any of the batches.
Keep you & your Customers Updated
Want to be updated and keep your customers updated too? You will now receive a daily sales message regarding your earnings. Also, your customers will receive a message monthly regarding payment pending.
Now Accept of Online Orders
You now have the chance to confirm the order as per your convenience and business. Not only that, you can also cancel the order to avoid false expectations of the customers regarding the order.
January 2016
Add Products from our Database
You can now avail the opportunity of adding products in your system through our database which consists of a number of products with already mentioned details in it.
Offline Process of Adding Inventory into your System
You can easily add inventory in your offline POS client while it is disconnected from the internet. This will then be synchronized with the system once it connects to the internet.
December 2015
Introducing Discounts Module
Now pamper your valued customers with festive and periodic discounts to keep them coming to you for more. Customize the discounts to suit your needs, either by and amount or a percentage, applicable to either some or all of the products bought.
Now Send Campaigns to your Customers
Make your customers aware of any new offers, discounts, store openings, changes and others through a detailed email, or a short SMS. Getting all your customers on the same page has never been so easy before this.
Set Operation Hours and Home Delivery options in your System
Want to have “Store Closed” day on Sunday, and a half day on a Saturday? Well you can now configure your store timings, either in a single or dual shift, and set days for which the store will be closed for business. The new home delivery settings enable you to set a shipping fee for home delivery products, meeting configurable criteria.