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The tally accounting software is easy to use. It makes the complex accounting part of business much easier and convenient. Once you have successfully installed Tally, you need to configure it with your account.

This functionality allows you to download the setup file for the data transfer utility that links your account’s exported data to Tally. This utility works with Tally version 7 and above.
Before importing or exporting data, you first need to install this utility into your system. Once this utility has been installed, you just need to export your data from your account, and perform a few steps on this data using the integration utility. All your data will automatically be imported in your Tally account.

Set Up Tally

1. Double click on the Tally icon from the desktop. This action opens the Gateway of Tally module.


2. Click on the Select Cmp.


The following modal will be displayed.


3. Select the company for which you wish to import or export data.

4. Once you select company, click on the Features.


5. Click on Statutory & Taxation.


6. Select the company you wish to make changes in.


7. Depending on the way your business gets impacted with tax change, change the value of Enable Value Added Tax (VAT) &Enable Service Tax from No to Yes. (6)

8. Once done, press Ctrl+A to save the changes.

Download & Install Integration Tool

1. Click on Tally Export from the main menu.

2. Click on Download Data Transfer Tool for Tally. This action downloads the setup file (.exe) for the integration utility. Check your browser’s Downloads section for the same.

3. Double click on the downloaded file, to open the setup wizard for the utility. The following modal will be displayed.

Screenshot (1265)

Allow the progress bar to run till the end.

4. Once completed, the setup wizard screen will be displayed. Click on the Next.

Screenshot (1282)

5. The Choose Destination Location option allows you to select the destination folder where the software should be installed. It is recommended to proceed with the default settings. Click on Next

Screenshot (1283)

Change Destination Folder
In case you want to change the location of where the software should be installed in your system, click on the Browse button and select the destination.

6. Proceed with the default settings in the Setup Type screen, and click on Next.

Screenshot (1284)

7. Click on the Next on the Start Copying Files screen to proceed.

Screenshot (1285)

8. The Setup Status screen is displayed which will show the progress of the installation.

Screenshot (1286)

Once completed, the setup complete screen will be displayed.

Screenshot (1289)

9. Click on the Finish to exit the wizard. The integration utility will be installed in your system, with the following icon on the desktop.

Screenshot (55)

10. Double click on the Tally Integration by JustDial icon from the desktop. The following screen will be displayed.

Screenshot (56)

Important Note

In case the following error message appears instead of the tool, one or more software drivers might be missing from your system . To fix this, go here and install the missing driver.


Once done, relaunch the Integration tool.

11. Click on the System from the main menu and the Integration Settings will be displayed.

Screenshot (58) - Copy

12. Enter the name of your company in the Company Name section.

Screenshot (58)

13. Click on Save to update the changes. Your Data Transfer utility is ready to use.

This functionality is currently unavailable for mobile.
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