Export / Import Sales for Tally

The Export Sales functionality allows you to export all financial data regarding your customers and orders. This data can then be imported into your Tally system, for accounting and taxation purposes.

Export Sales

1. Click on Tally Export from the main menu.

2. Click on Export Sales.

3. Select the Date Range and click on Export.

4. An export history modal window gets displayed with the list of all the exported files. Click on the Download file or you can send an Email Link for sharing purposes.

5. You can also click on Export Sales and select Export Tally History in order to view the list of previously exported files.

1. From the Admin panel, tap on Tally Export.

2. Tap on Export Sales.

3. Select the outlet for which you want to export data.

4. Select the date range between which you want to export the data and tap on Export for Tally.

The following module gets displayed.

You can check the progress of the download in this tab. Once the download is complete, tap on Download File. You can also tap on Share and share it via other applications.

Import Sales

The Import Sales functionality allows you to import all your financial data into Tally. You can edit the name of sales, net ledger & sales tax ledger as well as map the sales tax & sales tax ledger with tally VAT class. Before importing make sure your company name is selected.

Screenshot (1996)-1

1. Double click on Tally Integration Tool.

Screenshot (1997)-1

2. Select 5.0 & Above Tally version as shown below.

Screenshot (1997)-2

3. Select the company name from the drop-down list for which you want to import the data.

Screenshot (1999)-1

4. In transaction type select Sales.

Screenshot (2002)-2

5. Click on the Browse in the File Path section to select the file that has to be imported.

Screenshot (2002)-1

Navigate to the location where the file to be imported is location. Select the file, and click on the Open

Screenshot (2004)-1

6. Click on Next

Screenshot (2005)-1

7. The ledger mapping page will be displayed. Click on Next

Screenshot (2011)-1

Important Note
  • For the Sales Net ledger, Nature of Transaction should be provided.
  • For the Sales Tax ledger, the Type of Duty should be provided.

8. Click on Next.

Screenshot (2011)-2

9. Click on the Import In Tally to import sales data.

Screenshot (2012)-1

10. After a successful transaction, Sales Data Transferred modal is displayed. Click on OK to complete the import

Screenshot (2013)-1

4.2 Tally Version 4.93 and below

This functionality allows you to import data from Tally Version 4.93 and below via an excel file to the desire destination.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable on mobile.
You can import sales into tally only through a computer.
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