The Outlets section allows you to configure your outlet details, store address location, and tax registration details.

Please Note
If you have only one outlet in operation, the Outlets option will not appear in your system.

1. From the Homepage, click on Settings.

2. Click on Outlets.

3. Select the outlet for which you would like to configure its details.

4. To edit the Outlet details, click on .

5. Edit the details such as its outlet code, mobile number, email id, and click on Save Outlet.

Important Note

If you want to hide your outlet from your website and mobile platform, you need to select the Hide outlet from Website and Mobile checkbox.

6. Similarly, to edit the Store Address location details, click on .

7. Either edit the store address manually or drag and place the pin icon at the desired location, the address details get prefilled. Enter additional details such as street name and landmark location and click on Save.

8. You can even add the tax registration details of your outlet. Enter the Tax name and its registration ID in their respective fields.

9. To add additional tax details, you can click on the Add Another Tax Registration ID tab.

10. If you want to display the registration number on your invoice receipt, you need to select the Display registration number on receipt checkbox.

11. After you have configured your outlet details, click on Save Settings.

Please Note

This feature is currently unavailable for mobile. You can configure your outlet details only from your computer.

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