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This module allows you to configure the locations that undertake home delivery orders. You can also configure COD, Delivery Time & Delivery Charges for any particular State, District, or area.

To create a Delivery Profile, follow these steps:

1. From the Homepage, click on Settings.

2. Click on Delivery.

3. From the Delivery landing page, click on View Delivery Profiles.

4. To create a new profile, click on Add New Profile.

5. In the following slider that opens up, enter the profile name and click on Save Profile.

6. Now click on the newly created profile. The delivery profile detail page will appear consisting of the Country and its States.

7. By default every State will be selected. To clear all, only clear the option next to India.

8. Select any State that you want. To select only a city (for example Mumbai),

Go to Maharashtra > View Districts > Select Mumbai.

9. To assign delivery charges to an area, Select Delivery Charges Per Item against the location.

10. Click Additional Details, a slider opens up, enter additional delivery details if you want and click on Save.

11. Delivery Buffer Time allows you to configure the delivery time to ship in any state, district, or area. You can configure the delivery time in terms of days, hours, or minutes.

12. Click on to edit the profile name. Enter the profile name in the slider and click on Save Profile.

13. To view pin codes of a particular area, click on View Pincodes. Click on Save Profile to save the changes made.

14. To set a Default profile, click on Mark Default. 

A Change Default Profile pop-up window appears. Click on Yes.

15. Your Custom delivery profile gets marked as default.


If you have multiple outlets and would like to create separate delivery profiles for them, simply select the outlets from the main slider itself.

Please Note

This functionality is currently unavailable on mobile. You can create delivery profiles only from your computer.

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