Payment Pending Purchase Invoice

This module displays a list of all Purchase Invoices that have been received by you but have pending payment.

1. From the Homepage, click on Purchases.

2. From the Purchases landing page, click on Payment Pending Purchase Invoice.

The page gets displayed with the following details:

  • Purchase Number: Displays the purchase order number and creation date of all purchase invoices.
  • Invoice Number: Displays the Invoice Number and creation date of the purchase invoice.
  • Supplier: Displays the name of Supplier.
  • Amount: Displays the cost of the purchase order/invoice.
  • Payment Due Date: Displays the due date for the payment.


3. Select an invoice for which you have received the goods and you would like to make payment.

The page gets displayed with the following details:

  1. Send: Enables you to send SMS or email messages to the supplier.
  2. Print: Enables you to print your purchase invoice.
  3. More: Enables you to add Item and purchase notes. You can also add an IMEI/ Serial Number and upload an invoice copy.
  4. Return Items: You can return the items to the supplier if the goods are found to be damaged or some items are missing.
  5. Make Payment: Enables you to make payment to the supplier.
  6. Displays the list of products and its pricing details
  7. Displays the purchase number, date of creation, purchase invoice number and invoice date, credit period, and payment due date.
  8. Enables you to add Purchase Order to a Purchase Invoice.
  9. Displays supplier’s detail and enables you to contact the supplier.
  10. Displays the Outlet details

Important Note
You can link Purchase Invoice to a Purchase Order only if the supplier is the same.

Important Note
You can link Purchase Invoice and Purchase Order only belonging to the same Outlet.
What do you mean by linking Invoices and Orders ?

It is basically to keep track of all orders & invoices that you have received or are pending from a particular supplier. It also enables you to clear previous payments from a supplier when you are creating another purchase order from them.


4. To pay for the goods you have received click on Make Payment. 

5. Select the mode of payment.

6. Enter the amount and click on Save Payment.

Your Purchase Invoice gets updated.

1. From the Homepage, tap on Purchases.

2. From the Purchases landing page, tap on Payment Pending Invoice.

The page gets displayed with the following details:

  1. Displays the supplier’s name.
  2. Displays the Purchase Order number, Purchase Invoice Number, and date of creation.
  3. Displays the amount of the purchase order.
  4. Displays the total number of items being ordered.
  5. Displays the Payment status of the Purchase Invoice.


3. To make payment for a purchase invoice, tap on an invoice from the list.

The page gets displayed. Tap on  , and you can add the following details:

  1. Allows you to add or edit payment and transaction type details for your purchase invoices.
  2. Enables you to send notes about every product for which an order has been placed.
  3. Enables you to add identification or serial number for every item that you have ordered
  4. Enables you to send notes regarding the purchase details of a particular purchase invoice
  5. Enables you to send SMS or email messages of a purchase invoice to a supplier
  6. Enables you to upload the Invoice receipt.


4. On the Invoice page, tap on Make Payment.

5. From the page that opens up, tap on any mode of payment that you wish to pay by.

6. Enter the payment details and tap on Save Payment.

Your payment details get updated.

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