Delete Orders

You can delete orders which are no longer required.

1. From the Homepage, click on Orders.

2. From the Orders landing page, click on All Orders.

From the following page select an order.

3. Click on , and click on Delete Order from the detail order page.

Deleting an order will cause changes in the product stock count. You will have the option to adjust the product inventory if you wish.

  • Adjust Inventory: This option will make the changes in the stock inventory once the order is deleted.
  • Don’t Adjust Inventory: This option will not make any changes in the inventory.


4. A Delete Order pop-up window appears. Click on Delete Order to confirm.

Important Note
Once you delete an order, you cannot retrieve it.

Deleting Online Orders
You cannot delete orders that are placed online and paid via Jd Pay payment mode.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable on mobile. You can delete orders only through the computer.
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