Stock Transfer Inventory Items

This functionality enables you to transfer your inventory to different outlets under your business establishment.

Please Note
If you have only one outlet in operation, the Stock Transfer option will not appear in your system.

1. From the Homepage, click on Inventory.

2. From the Inventory landing page, click on Stock Transfer.

The Stock Transfer page gets displayed with the following details:

  • All Transfer Details: Displays all the current goods that have been sent or received.
  • Sent Stock: Displays the list of goods that have been sent to other outlets.
  • Received Stock: Displays the list of goods that have been received by your outlet.


Transfer ID with SS denotes the ID for the stock sent from the source to the destination, while Transfer ID with SR denotes the ID for the stock received back from the destination.

3. To send goods to other outlets, click on Create Stock Transfer.

4. The name of the source outlet gets displayed. Select a product for transfer by searching the product either by its name or barcode number.

5. A list of batch details for that product gets displayed. Select a batch and enter the required quantity that you want to transfer to some other outlet and click on Allot Quantity.


Quantity allotted cannot exceed more than the Instock quantity.

6. Select the outlet, enter additional information such as pricing, barcode, expiry date. Click on Add Outlet.

7. A tabular description page gets displayed. You can edit the Inventory details by clicking on Edit Inventory Details.

8. If you want to save the details to edit later, click on Save as Draft.

9. Once you have made the necessary changes, click on Transfer Inventory.

Your Stock gets transferred successfully to your other outlet.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable on mobile. You can transfer your stock between outlets only through the web.
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