Print Barcode Inventory Items

This functionality allows you to design and print the barcode label for your inventory items.

Please Note
This functionality is available only for users who have Retail Pack activated.

1. From the Homepage, click on Inventory.

2. From the Inventory landing page, click on Manage Inventory > Print Barcode.

3. Select the Printer Profile from the list.

4. Enter a product name or barcode number and select the product from the drop-down list. You can also create a new product by entering the product name and clicking on Create New Product.

Important Note
You should generate a barcode value for a new product as well as an existing product before proceeding to print the barcode.

5. To add a barcode to multiple batches of the same product, click on Select / Add Batch.

6. Select the batches from the list and click on Select Batches.

The batch gets added to the list.

7. Enter the value under Print Qty and click on Print Barcode.

The barcode gets printed successfully.

Important Note

If your Printer is not connected properly, then a warning modal gets displayed. Follow the steps given in the modal window to resolve the issue.

How to Create a Custom Barcode Label?

1. From the Inventory landing page, click on Manage Inventory > Print Barcode.

2. To create a new printer profile, click on Manage Printer Profile > Create Printer Profile.

3. An Add a Printer modal window gets displayed in which you have to enter the following details:

  1. Enter your custom printer profile name.
  2. Select Custom Code For Barcode Label under Printer Type.
  3. Enter the Labels Per Row as per your requirement.
  4. Enter the IP address of the host machine from where the barcode will be printed. If you are printing from your own machine, then enter ‘localhost’ in the field.

4. Once you have entered the detail, click on Next.

5. Enter the PRN code in the given field.

Important Note

In this modal, there will be a field for you to write your barcode template in your preferred development language i.e. the PRN Code for the template. This setup will support any barcode development language that you prefer. For example, in Zebra GT800, the language used is ZPL, and for Argox CP300, the language used is PPLB.
You can put in code elements for all the fields that you want to put in your barcode design.

6. If you want to add some predefined fields in your barcode, click on Add Value.

7. Enter the required fields and click on Submit.

8. Once all the changes are made click on Save Print Profile.

Your custom printer profile gets created successfully.

This feature is currently unavailable for mobile. You can access the print barcode option only through the computer.

This feature is currently unavailable on mobile. You can access the print barcode option only through the web.
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