Low Inventory

This functionality allows you to track a list of products whose stock is either low on inventory or is completely exhausted and hence enables you to place purchase orders for these products.

Please Note
This functionality is available only for users who have Retail Pack activated.

1. From the Homepage, click on Inventory.

2. From the Inventory landing page, click on Low Inventory.

3. Select an outlet from the list if you have more than one store registered in your system.

4. To view products in terms of their inventory status, click on Filter > Inventory Status > choose any of the options> click on Apply.

5. To view products in terms of their delivery status, click on Filter > Delivery Pending > choose any of the options> click on Apply.

6. On filtering the list, their filter description gets displayed on the page. If you want to reset the page, click on Clear All.

The page will now display all the products that are registered in your system.

7. To place a purchase order for a product, select the tab next to the product name and click on Purchase Cart.

You can place Purchase Orders for multiple products at a time.

8. If a product does not have any supplier associated with it, click on Assign Supplier from the following page.

9. Enter the supplier’s name or select a supplier from the list of suggestions given below.

10. Sometimes a product may have more than one supplier associated with it. Choose a supplier from the list and click on Review and Create Purchase Order.

A purchase orders page gets displayed supplier-wise, along with the number of items ordered.

Note Name

To go back to the products listing page, click on Back to Low Inventory > Return To Low Inventory.

11. If you want to view a purchase order for a product, click on Review PO for that supplier.

The Review Purchase Order page consists of these details:

  1. Enables you to edit the expected delivery date.
  2. Enables you to edit the credit period for the supplier.
  3. Enables you to search for a product and add it to the purchase order.
  4. Enables you to compare the Instock and Ordered quantity, thereby allowing you to edit the number of products to be ordered if needed.
  5. Enables you to place the order, once all details are finalized.
  6. Enables you to save the purchase order as a draft so that you can edit the details at a later interval of time.
  7. Enables you to delete a purchase order.
  8. Enables you to undo all the changes that were made in the purchase order.


12. Once you have created a purchase order, you can view the created purchase orders in the Delivery Pending tab of the Purchase module. Purchase orders that were saved as drafts, can be viewed in the Drafts tab.

This functionality is currently unavailable on mobile. You can place purchase orders for low inventory products only through a computer.
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