Hardware Supported

 Recommended System Requirements :

   Operating System : Windows 7/8/8.1/10 
   RAM : 4 GB or higher
   CPU / Processor : Intel Core i3 (2.50 GHZ) or higher
                     AMD Phenom II X4 (2.50 GHZ) or higher
   Free Disk Space : 50 GB
   Browser : Latest version of Google Chrome

 Receipt Printers :

80MM Receipt Printer

1. Brand: Epson 
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model No: TM-T88V-DT
2. Brand: Epson
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model No: TM-T81

3. Brand: Heyday 
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model No: GP-U80300II

4. Brand: Epson
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model: TM-T82

5. Brand: Senor
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model: TP-250II

6. Brand: Epson
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model: TM-T88IV

7. Brand: Posiflex
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model: PP8800

8. Brand: Epson
   Type: Dot-Matrix Printer
   Model: U220D

9. Brand: TVS
   Type: Thermal Printer
   Model: RP3200

A4 / A5 Receipt Printer

1. Brand: All Brands
   Type: Laserjet Printer
   Model: All Models
2. Brand: All Brands
   Type: Inkjet Printer
   Model: All Models
 Barcode Printers :

1. Brand: Argox
   Model No: CP-2140

2. Brand: Zebra 
   Model No: GT800

 Weighing Scale :

1. Brand: Goldfield
   Model No : GSM-30 

2. Brand: Essae 
   Model No : DS-852G

To download the drivers for the above printers, Click here

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