Connect your Hardware

Once you have set up your account, you need to synchronize your hardware with it so that you can print barcodes, print bills, invoices, etc.

1. To set up your printer, connect the printer to your system via USB. Install the software setup provided by the printer manufacturer.

2. Go to Control Panel, click on View devices and printers.

3. Identify the printer that you have connected to your system.

4. In your Justdial account, click on Downloads from the main menu.

5. Click on Download Jd Hardware Interface Service Setup.

To know more about HIS and connecting hardware, click here.

Downloading and Installing Zebra Utility software

Zebra Utility software is a free Setup that will make printing smoother by enabling you to quickly and easily configure desktop printers.

1. Click here to download the Zebra Utility Software.

The following page will be displayed.

2. Scroll down the page, click on Download.

3. Click on Accept and Begin Download Now.

4. Once the download is complete, open the software in your system and click on Next to install Zebra Setup Utilities on your computer.

5. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and tick on “I accept the terms of the license agreement”, and click on Next.

6. To change the path click on Change or click on Next to continue with the prefilled path.

7. Select the location where you want to create a shortcut file or click on Next.

8. To configure Zebra Setup Utilities on your computer, click on Next.

9. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and tick on ” I have read the information above”, and click on Next.

10. To finish the installation, click on Finish.

Sync Printer and Zebra Utility software

To sync your printer with the Zebra Setup Utility tool follow these steps

1. Once you have installed the zebra utility tool, open the Zebra Setup Utility tool in your system.

The following modal will be displayed.

2. To configure a printer, click on the Printer which is connected to your system.

3. Click on Configure Printer Settings.

The following modal will be displayed.

4. Define the width and height and orientation as per your requirement and click on Next.

5. The following modal opens up where speed and darkness options will be prefilled, click on Next.

6. On this modal, the media parameters and handling options will be prefilled, click on Next.

7. This modal will have all the advanced settings prefilled, click on Next.

8. Set the real-time clock parameters from this modal (optional). Once done, click on Next.

9. This modal allows you to make changes on the front panel which are prefilled, once done click Next.

10. Following modal allows you to enter the value to change the sensor settings. Once done, click on Next.

11. To save the changes to your computer, tick on save settings to file or click on Finish.

To download set up files, click here

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