Add Your First Product

Congratulations on creating your account. It is now time to update your inventory by adding new products.

1. From the Homepage, click on Products.

2. Click on Add Product One-By-One.

3. Enter the Product Name in the product name field along with the category and product type.

4. Next, you need to add product images, product description, weight, price, etc. Click here, to know more about adding products to inventory

1. From the Homepage, tap on Products.

2. Tap on Add New Product.

The following page gets displayed.

3. Enter the name of the product that you wish to create. If you wish to create a product that is not in the existing database, tap on Create New Product.

Scan Barcode
In case there is a barcode present for the product, you can also add the product by scanning the barcode. Tap on the Scan Barcode icon to proceed with scanning the product. This action will open up your camera, which can be used to scan the product’s barcode.
Template Product

If you want to add a new product from Jd Omni’s database (template product), search for the product in the Enter Product Name or Barcode field. Select the desired product from the suggestions displayed.

In the case of template products, keep the following things in mind:

  • The Product Type field will be prefilled, and cannot be edited.
  • You cannot add product specifications and descriptions while adding the product. However, these can be updated while editing the product.
  • The Brand field in the Reorder Information section will be prefilled though you will have the option to edit it.

Important Note

In case you want to select the product category before entering the product name, tap on All Categories.

Select the category from the list of suggestions provided below. This field decides the category in which the product should be grouped.

4. Once you select a product name and category, an Add Products page gets displayed. Here you can tap on Add Product Image to add images to your product.

You can also add descriptions and pricing details for your products as well.

Tap here, to know more about adding products to inventory

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