Open Graph Image Settings

Open Graph Image is the image preview visible whenever your website link is shared on any social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

For example: When URL is shared with anyone, the link is shared as follow:

1. From the Homepage, click on Edit Website.

2. Go to More and click on Open Graph Image.

3. Click on the Upload Image option to upload the required image from your system.

4. Once the image is uploaded, you can adjust the size of the image.

Make sure your image file is in either JPG, PNG, or WEBP format, and the image file size does not exceed 10 MB.

Customization Options

Once the image is added, you can perform the following editing options that are provided:

  1. You can change and select another image for the background.
  2. This option allows you to crop & set the required image in pixels.
  3. To flip the image horizontally use this option
  4. Allows you to flip the image vertically.
  5. This option rotates the image.
  6. Allows you to zoom in (+) image.
  7. Allows you to zoom out (-) image.
  8. You can delete all changes made to the image and begin the editing process from the start.
  9. Allows you to save the changes.
  10. Allows you to Cancel the image editing process.

5. Once all changes are finalized, click on Save.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable on mobile.
You can access open graph image settings only through the computer.
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