Justdial Rating Settings

JD Rating allows you to display your business ratings on the footer of your websites and increases your customer’s trust factor. Data of ratings will be fetched from Just Dial’s listing page.

1. From the Homepage, click on Edit Website.

2. Go to More and enable the slider of JD Rating as ON.

If you don’t want to show the JD Rating badge, switch OFF the toggle button.

Once enabled, the JD Ratings will be displayed on the footer of your website.

Important Note
  • JD rating data will be fetched Just Dial’s listing page.
  • JD Badge will be displayed only when your average JD Rating is 3.5 and the number of ratings is at least 5.
  • Same ratings will be displayed on the footer of your Customer App.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable on mobile.
You can enable/disable Justdial Rating only through the computer.
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