Floating Cart Link Settings

A floating cart is an interactive feature that adds a cart icon on the screen whenever a customer adds any product to his shopping cart.

By default Floating Cart Link functionality will be disabled.

1. From the Homepage, click on Edit Website.

2. Go to More and enable the toggle for Floating Cart Link.

As soon as your buyer adds his/her first product to the shopping cart, the cart icon appears floating on your website along with the number of products present in the cart.

In mobile, we provide a Cart Link option, from which a customer can process their orders with ease.

1. From the Homepage, tap on Edit Website.

2. Tap on More.

3. Tap on Settings.

4. Toggle Show Cart Link on Footer slider to ON.

5. Now, whenever a customer, visits your mobile app website, and they have already added some products to the cart; they will be shown a sticky footer displaying the number of items in the cart along with its cart amount value. To view the Cart’s page, tap on View Cart.

6. A list of products placed in the cart gets displayed. If the customer wants to place an order they can simply, tap on Checkout. 

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