Background Settings

This functionality allows you to change the background color of the website. By default, it will be the existing gray color.

1. From the Homepage, click on Edit Website.

2. Go to More and click on Background > Add Background Image.

3. From the following slider, click on Add Website View. The following options get displayed.

Upload Image: This option allows you to upload an image that is stored on your device.

Add From Link: Clicking on this option will open the following slider. You can copy & paste any URL from the internet to add the image.

My Images: This option lets you access all the images which you have uploaded on the website till now.

Image Library: This option lets you access images from our image library. You can search for an image using the relevant keywords.

4. Go to More and click on Background > Select Color.

Select the color as per your requirement and click on Apply.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable on mobile.
You can access background settings only through a computer.
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