BigRock Domain Configuration

Please Note
Please do not change the default name servers.

In case you already have an existing domain with BigRock, you would have to make a few changes in the DNS settings to correctly redirect traffic.

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Access your DNS settings.
2. Delete any existing records
3. Add records

1. Access your DNS settings

To access your DNS settings, you will first have to go to your domain provider’s website and log into your account.

1. Enter / in your browser, and click on the Login/SignUp button.

2. Enter your registered email address and password and click on Login.

3. Under the List of Orders page, click on your domain name.

4. Scroll down to the DNS Management section, and click on the Manage DNS option.

5. You have accessed your domain name DNS Settings.

2. Delete any existing records

Once you have accessed the DNS Settings for your domain, you would need to delete any A records which are already present for your domain name.

1. Click on the first A Record present.

2. In the new screen that opens up, click on the Delete Record button.


Follow these steps for all A records present for your domain name until there are no records present.

Kindly note that once you delete the records they will not be available in the future. In case you think the existing records are important for you, we recommend you kindly take a backup of the existing records before you delete them.

3. Add records

For customers to reach your website, you would have to direct each of them to your account’s IP address. For that, you would need to add two A Records.

1. Once you have clicked on the Manage DNS option for your domain, you will land in the A Records section. To add A Records, click on Add A Record button.

2. In the next window, perform the following actions and then click on Add Record.

  • Leave the Host Name as blank.
  • Enter in the Destination IPv4 Address field.
  • Enter 7200 in the TTL field.


3. To add another A Record, click on the Add A Record button.

4. In the next window, perform the following actions and then click on Add Record.

  • Enter www in the Host Name field.
  • Enter in the Destination IPv4 Address field.
  • Enter 7200 in the TTL field.


Congratulations. You have now added two A Records for your domain.

These details will be activated in a time period of 2-4 hours. After that, all customers will reach your website automatically upon searching on Google.

On the successful addition of the domain name and the configuration, your customers can now visit your website at the new URL. Also, the next time you click on the Online Store option from the left menu, you will be taken to your website on this new URL.

Business Emails
Once your domain has been registered, you can also purchase email accounts for your store. These emails can be used for notifications purposes, communications and feedback from your customers, communication to/between staff members, and other purposes.
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