Design Basics


To design any website, one needs to know the basics of designing like the right balance of elements, shape, form etc. Watch this video to know more about the fundamentals of designing.


Color is one of the most important elements when it comes to designing a website. It defines the look and feel of your online store. It helps to give your business the right visibility and potential to connect with the customers.


The right images can drive more customers to your website. Also, it is the fastest way to showcase your product instead of a written description.


Typography has a long-lasting impact on the website visitors. It affects the user’s overall perception and experience, which will decide if he/she wants to visit the online store again. It also affects the readability of the website.

Layout & Composition

This element is extremely important when it comes to creating a website. The ease of functionality, understandable user-interface and overall designing decides if the customer wants to stay on the website or move to another one.

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