Payment Pending Customers

This page displays the list of customers who have pending payments.

1. From the Homepage, click on Customers.

2. Click on Payment Pending.

A list of all customers whose payments are yet pending will be displayed. It consists of two sections:

  • All Payments Pending: Includes all payment Pending Customers.
  • Credit Period Exceeded: Includes Customers who have crossed their deadline to clear their dues.


What do you mean by Credit Period?

It is the time duration given to the customer to complete their due payments.

3. To collect payment from a customer, click on the Collect Payment tab.

4. If you want to notify the customer regarding their payment dues, select a customer and a Payment Pending page appears. Under Payment Pending Notification, click on Notify. An SMS will be sent to that particular customer.

5. If you want to add a payment to a customer, click on Add Payment.

6. If you want to enable credit to a customer, click on Edit under Pending Payment.

An Edit Customer dialog box appears. Toggle the slider to enable the credit.

From the following slider select either to set a credit limit or not.

If the credit limit is set, then the fields get displayed below.

  1. Indicates credit limit amount
  2. Determines the duration at which the credit limit is set.
  3. Indicates the specific timeline of the credit limit.


Enter the required details and click on Save.

the credit gets enabled for the customer.

On successful addition of the payment, the customer’s credit will be renewed and they can resume using the Customer Credit feature.

Mark as Partial Payment

In case a customer makes a partial payment, you can keep the records accordingly.

1. Select the order for which you want to receive partial payment from the customer. Click on Collect Payment of that order.

The following modal will be displayed.

2. The total amount pending for that order will be displayed in the Total Amount Pending section. From the options in the drop-down, select a suitable mode of payment.

In case of cash payment, enter the amount received by the customer in the Net Amount Received field. The pending amount will be displayed in the Pending section.

3. Click on the Confirm Payment button to accept the payment.

The remaining/unpaid amount will still show as the pending amount for the customer until it is paid later.

1. From the Homepage, tap on Customers.

2. Tap on Payment Pending.

3. Select the customer whose payments are yet pending.

4. Select the payment dues under the Payment Pending section.

5. To send a payment link to the customer, tap on Send Payment Link.

Please Note

1. If you have not enabled the online payments option from payment settings, an error dialog box appears. Tap on Enable Online Payments.

2. You need to enable the online payment slider and select the payment mode to send the payment link to the customer.

6. Enter the customer’s mobile number or email id and tap on Send.

The payment link is sent to the customer successfully.

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