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Mobile Responsive Website
Responsive Website
Custom Domain Name
Custom Domain
5000+ Unique Themes
5000+ Unique
Unlimited Pages and Products
Unlimited Pages and
Shopping Cart with Express Checkout
Shopping Cart with
Express Checkout
Secured Payment Gateway
Secured Payment
Customised Enquiry Forms
Customised Enquiry
WhatsApp Chat Integration
WhatsApp Chat
Regional Language Support
Regional Language
Maps with Directions
Maps with
Integrated Social Media
Integrated Social
Powerful SEO Tools
Powerful SEO Tools

Responsive Website

Online Store

Shopping Cart


Marketing & SEO

Products & Services



Reporting & Insights


Technical Support

Responsive Website

Beautiful and Stunning Design

Perfect your website's visual appeal with our fresh, elegant and unique responsive designs.

Mobile Optimized

Ensure visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device.

Get Your Own Custom Domain

Register a new domain name or use one you already own. (Available after upgrading)

Powerful Website Editor

Add text, colors, animations, call-to-action buttons, videos and much more with an array of editing tools available at your fingertips.

Upload Unlimited Photos & Banners

You can easily upload as many photos and rotating banners as you want. It's free and storage is unlimited.

Create Unlimited Pages

Create as many pages as you want and customize them - page linking, SEO, custom code and much more.

Showcase Social Media Channels

Connect your store to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & more channels for higher visibility and brand engagement.

Multiple Language

Reach a wider audience by making your website available in a variety of Indian regional languages.

Online Maps with Direction

Drive more foot traffic to your physical store by guiding people through Google Maps.

Get Your Own Company Logo

Choose your company logo from over 2500 impressive logo designs or design one with our built-in logo editor.

Customize Enquiry Form

Create new forms with custom fields to gather information that you want from your customers.

Showcase Unlimited Videos

Let your customers absorb content faster via videos instead of simply a static website.

Upload Brochure and Documents

Vendor can upload files for customer download. Various file formats are supported.

Display Customer Testimonials for Social Proof

Testimonials are definitely critical in adding legitimacy to your website and make people more willing to buy from you.

Access to 30K+ Professional Images

Get access to over thousands of professional and royalty-free images to upload on your website.

Insert Your Own Javascript into Website

Create more interactive and more incredible dynamic web content by adding JavaScript.
Online Store

Powerful Product Search

Get predictive search suggestion, support for synonyms, search by barcode and voice.

Custom Categories with Filters Support

Create your own categories and define filters based on product types.

Showcase Featured Products & Categories

Showcase your best-selling items, attract attention to your new arrivals or place products from different categories to give a better idea of your brand.

Display Previously Ordered or Recently Browsed Products

Display products that your customers have previously looked at or ordered when they are logged in.

Configure Enquiry Only Products

Customize settings to allow only enquiries or quotations for the products displayed on your website.

Add Products to Wishlist

Let your customers create a personalized collection of products that they desire to buy.

Reviews & Ratings

Increase your website's reliablility and interactivity by adding user feedback/ ratings.
Shopping Cart

Supports Express Checkout

Let your customers to the checkout page directly and reduce cart abandonment for single product buyers.

Share & Sell Products on WhatsApp

Choose convenience by sharing product details and sending payment links over WhatsApp that is already pre-integrated.

Coupon Code & Discount Rules

Create exclusive discounts at order or product level and generate unique coupon codes to boost your sales.

Configure Delivery Charge Basis Quantity, Weight and Location

Apply charges for delivery based on ordered items quantity, weight of the items and pincode of the delivery area.

Selection of Delivery Time Slots by Customers

Allow customers to select delivery time as per their convenience. Send them a scheduled delivery confirmation messge.

Integrated Payment Gateway

No Need to Find, Integrate and Manage Payment Gateway Separately. It is pre-integrated, free and secure!

Supports Popular Payment Modes

Various payment modes are acceptable such as credit card, debit card, net banking, COD, UPI, BHIM, PayPal, various wallets or EMI.

Get Order Details Instantly on WhatsApp

Get the list of items ordered, customer details along with information on total order amount, payment mode and scheduled delivery.

Order Online on Customer Credit (Postpaid)

Garner customer credence and loyalty by enabling credit payment system for your users.

Order Tracking

Track couriers and delivery boy position and share accurate details with your customer.

Delivery Boy Integration

Monitor the real-time delivery status of all assigned orders to a delivery boy & give him an instruction if necessary.

Integrated Payment Gateway

No Need to Find, Integrate and Manage Payment Gateway Separately. It is pre-integrated, free and secure!

Supports Popular Payment Modes

Various payment modes are acceptable such as credit card, debit card, net banking, COD, UPI, BHIM, PayPal, various wallets or EMI.

Share Payment Links

Share payment links via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc and get paid immediately

Collect Payments from Website

Your customer can make payments to you via your website for any service that you offer.
Marketing & SEO

Automated SEO for Search Engine Visibility

With our advanced SEO provides, customers can easily find your website across all major search engines.

Showcase Social Media Channels

Connect your store to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & more channels for higher visibility and brand engagement.

Email Marketing Tool

Extend your reach and capture customer attention with compelling and personalized emails.

Get Custom SMS Sender Name

Highlight yourself by using an SMS sender name for a better recall and brand placement.

Send App Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to put your brand back in the front of your app users' mind and re-engage them.

Supports Google Analytics, Google Adword & Other Third Party Apps

We support a suite of tools and integrations; adding them will help you drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.
Products & Services

Bulk Import Product

Save time in uploading new products or updating existing ones using an excel file.

Add Products from Omni Product Library

Get access to product library of over 3 crore products, along with images, description and barcodes.

Add Products from Brand & Manufacturer's Catalogue

Add as many products as you want from the existing library and categorize them by their brands and manufacturers.

Add Products by Scanning Barcode

Add products by scanning their barcodes to avoid mistakes and make work faster.

Add Multiple Variants for a Product

Easily add product variants based on sizes, color, material etc. to fit your needs.

Upload Multiple Product Images

Help your customers understand your products better with unlimited high quality product images.

Sell Products in Loose Quantity

Keep a track of loose products. Sell them and your inventory will be adjusted automatically.

Centralized Product Catalog

Sync your products across all your channels to eliminate double data entry and reduce human errors.

Organise Products Easily

Categorize your products by name, type, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, handle, and tag, to easily build custom reports.

Order Management

Accept, Process and Manage Thousands of Multichannel Orders Daily in one system

Sort & Filter Orders

Select Order Date & Time, Delivery Date to check orders carried out, from latest or oldest.

Print & Email Invoices

Choose to print or email receipts to the customer after a sale.You can customize receipts with your logo and website.

Refunds and Returns

Provide every customer with an easy refund or return option. They will definitely come back.

Customize Sales Invoice Design

Modify the default sales invoice design template to match your business. Customize it the way you like.

Create Quotations

Create quotes to show your customers the prices of the products and services that have been enquired.

Create Work Order

Create a systematic order process by covering questions like who, when, where, how for any order

Export Orders

With better control of your export order rules, get improved visibility in the area of sales.

Export Sales Invoice to Tally

With our Tally Integration tool, you will be able to create sales invoice, debit notes, credit notes, receipts from the transaction excel file downloaded.

Detailed Customer Information

Store every piece of information about your customers in one centralized location while taking orders or separately in bulk by importing an excel file.

Customer Groups

Manage your customers by creating profile groups that can be anytime combined with discounts to offer promotions.

Customize Credit Amount and Period

Depending upon how credit worthy is your customer, you can set the credit amount and date for every customer.

Send Online Payment Links

Create and send payment links over SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc & receive money within 45 minutes.

Export & Import Customers

Add new customers or update existing ones quickly by importing and exporting customers with an excel file.
Reporting & Insights

Realtime Sales and Profit Dashboards

An actionable dashboard of your sales and overall business performance helps you to make informed decisions.

Products & Inventory Report

Stay on top of your inventory, low and out-of-stock products and use these insights to make better decisions.

Orders & Customers Report

Generates order and customer reports that are easily customized to fit your business process.

Purchases & Suppliers Report

Get information on a wide range of variables related to purchases and suppliers.

AI Powered Voice Assistant

Give voice commands to quickly navigate through the system and make changes wherever needed.

Staff Member Accounts and Permissions

Create user accounts for each of your staff and easily control their permissions to keep sensitive information hidden and secure.

Pay Bills

Pay all your miscellaneous bills like electricity, gas bill with a few simple and easy clicks.
Technical Support

Dedicated Support Team

For any queries you can contact our highly dedicated and efficient support team.

Omni Help Center

The Omni Manual is available on the go for all system based doubts you have.
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